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Custom Business Cheques Printing

We offer custom business cheque printing with various security features to match your needs. Our high security cheques include a foil hologram that has seven embedded security features on its own.

Custom Business Cheques - Information

What security features do you offer on business cheques?

Our business cheques include 10 security features, including chemically sensitive paper, erasure protection, invisible fluorescent fibers, microprint border and a padlock icon that warns potential criminals that your business cheques include security features. Our security features meet or exceed the industry guidelines and our cheques are guaranteed compatible with your bank.

Why should I order business cheques from you?

We provide small and medium companies with business cheques that are not only secure and compatible, but also affordable and guaranteed. We order our cheques from industry leaders that serve your bank as well as companies like ours. The choice is really yours. If you prefer the service you get at your bank, you should keep ordering bank cheques but if your main concern is to get cheques that are affordable, practical and flexible, feel free to order your cheques online, right here!

We also guarantee our business cheques printing, which means that we will reprint or refund your cheques if you are not entirely satisfied. And we'll take the time to explore your options; offering regular business cheques (manual) and 3-to-a-page cheques, but also computer cheques that you can print on your office printer. We can help you choose the cheque solution that best suits your needs today and tomorrow.

Do you guarantee your business cheques printing?

Yes! Not only do we guarantee that our cheques are compatible with over 2000 software names (Quickbooks®, Quicken®, Peachree, Money, ...), we also guarantee that you will like our business cheques printing. Our cheque quality is excellent, the printing is professionally done and our customer service is devoted to your satisfaction.